Habitat for Humanity Work Days
Dozens of Meridian Rotary Club members helped build a Habitat home on Sept. 28, 2012.
May 2010, Rotarians helped with building a new home through Habitat for Humanity.
In May 2009 Meridian Rotary Club Members painted, caulked, shingled, etc. on May 15, 2009. Chair Crystal Dupre chaired a team of many Rotarians to help with this great community project.
In October 2008, several members of the Meridian Rotary Club worked on a Habitat House at 105 30th Avenue. Skills may have been questionable, but a lot of good work was done to help a deserving citizen be able to move into a good home. Crystal Dupre' recruited several members to participate: Jim Briggs, Christy Buckalew, Paul Bucurel, John Burton, Scott Carmichael, Douglas Coleman, Wanda Colvin, Jennifer Dial, Crystal Dupre', Noel Evans, Wink Glover & spouse Lanelle Glover, Clay Holladay, Rick Justice, Arjen Lagendijk, Joe Mercado & spouse Sylvia Mercado, Bill Patterson, Fred Porter, Thad Quarles, Mike Reed, Chad Vaughn, Kenny Watts, Mark Whiddon, David White, Gary Wilkinson, and Ann Williams.