Paul Harris
Paul Harris was an attorney in Chicago, IL when in 1905 he founded the world's first service club, the Rotary Club of Chicago. The name "Rotary" derived from the early practice of rotating meetings among members' offices. Over the years, providing humanitarian service, encouraging high ethical standards in all vocations, and working to build good will and peace in the world became the hallmark of Rotary. More information about Rotary and its history is available at the Rotary International website.

Below you will find the names of those members of the Meridian Rotary Club who have met the qualifications to be recognized as a Paul Harris Fellow, Paul Harris Sustaining Member, and/or Benefactor.

To honor our founder and his ideals, Rotary developed a recognition program for individuals who donate $1,000 or more to Rotary International. When this occurs, this person is recognized by Rotary as a "Paul Harris Fellow."This amount is typically donated by the person him/herself, but can be contributed in the person's name by others as a means of recognizing an individual.
Meridian Rotary Club
Paul Harris Fellows
Member Level Member Level
 Bucurel, Paul  PHF  Hampton, George T.  PHF
 Burke, Roger  PHF  Hampton, Ronald T.  PHF
 Chumley, Ray  PHF  Harris, Paul Jr.  PHF
 Colvin, Wanda  PHF  Humphreys, Ray  PHF
 Covington, Andrew  PHF  Lagendijk, Arjen  PHF
 Covington, Joe S.  PHF  Lawson, James S.  PHF
 Damon, Gene  PHF  Maynor, Tom C.  PHF
 Dulaney, Thomas E.  PHF  McRae, Robert  PHF
 Dupré, Crystal  PHF  Porter, Fred  PHF+1
 Farley, Becky  PHF  Smith, C. D.  PHF
 Gipson, E. M.  PHF  Smith, Donald K.  PHF
 Glover, H. Wingfield  PHF+2  Ward, Robert F.  PHF
 Graham, Hardy P.  PHF  Weddington, Hunter G.  PHF
 Greene, Jerry R.  PHF  Wile, Fred A.  PHF
 Bucurel, Jennifer  PHF  Roberts, Charlie  PHF


Rotarians who commit to donating at least $100 on an annual basis until they reach the $1,000 level are recognized as "Paul Harris Sustaining Members." Even after they qualify for Paul Harris Fellow status, they also continue to be Paul Harris Sustaining Members as long as they continue to donate on an annual basis to Rotary International. This ongoing support approach is known as the "Every Rotarian Every Year" campaign
Meridian Rotary Club
Paul Harris Sustaining Members
 Blanton, Shane  Lagendijk, Arjen
 Bucurel, Paul  Lawson, Jim
 Burke, Roger  Porter, Fred
 Burton, John  Price, Chris
 Chumley, Ray  Quarles, Thad
 Drummond, Joel  Reece, Chuck
 Dupré, Crystal  Smith, C. D.
 Estes, Billy  Smith, Donald K.
 Frazier, Alisha  Solomon, Jim
 Gipson, E. M.  Tabereaux, Thomas L.
 Glover, Wink Jr.  Thames, Hampton
 Goldacker, Curt W.  VanVeckhoven, Michael
 Hampton, Ronald T.  Vaughn, Chad
 Harris, Leon  Whiddon, Mark
 Humphreys, Ray  White, David
Benefactors are those individuals who make The Rotary Foundation's Permanent Fund a beneficiary in their estate plans, or by donating $1,000 or more to the fund outright.
Meridian Rotary Club
What happens to the dollars contributed to Rotary International? These funds are used to support Rotary's philanthropic efforts around the globe: the worldwide eradication of polio, and efforts to address such humanitarian issues as illiteracy, world hunger, children at risk, and environmental degradation. More info is available at The Rotary Foundation website.